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The Legend Sunil Mahajan Pintu

About Legend Sunil Mahajan alias 'PINTU'

Legend Sunil Mahajan alias 'PINTU'

Born on 01st July' 1951, Legend Sunil Mahajan alias 'PINTU' an adroit entrepreneur was the most salient figure among the Cricket Players, Customers & Suppliers across the globe and had ancestral proficiency to read the pulse of each and every sports person with his inbuilt craftsmanship in Cricket Equipment.

Idealistic vision of Sunil Mahajan with immense dedication always ensured entire satisfaction in regard to the Quality, Valued proposition and required specifications to his customers, which put him into a special category amongst the Cricket fraternity across the globe and such everlasting caliber in an entrepreneur leaves an immortal identity of 'PINTU' around the Cricket World, even after his sad demise on 27th May' 2006, to rest in an eternal peace.

The whole life, 'PINTU' boosted the morale of upcoming cricketers either he/she without classifying their caste or creed, from their grass root level to become national pride of today's Cricket and supported them by providing top quality of Cricket Equipment of his/her choice, whenever needed. Such generosity and benevolence of 'PINTU', helped to nourish the Cricketers from their budding standard until bonafide cricketer of the day.

As an entrepreneur, 'PINTU' during his short life span always came ahead to give sincere support to every Sports person, with an inbuilt instinct for cricket, from financially weaker section of life and tried his level best to uplift standard of such cricketers from their budding session till globally accepted Cricket Player of the day, which dignified 'PINTU' as GODFATHER amongst such class of Cricketers and the Cricket fraternity.

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