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Rules & Regulations

  • Working Hours:

    09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.
  • Lunch Hours:

    01:00 PM to 02:00 PM.
  • Regular Attendance:

    Will attract the efficiency of individual employee and consideration at the time of annual increments.
  • Leaving Factory:

    No employee will be allowed to leave the Factory premises before 06:00 PM, without prior sanction of the Department Head.
  • Idling:

    Employees are advised to seriously concentrate on their work during working hours. Idle sitting during working hours without any authenticate reason will lead to absenteeism.
  • House Keeping:

    Employees are advised to maintain good house keeping around work areas, and keep aisles clear and dispose of trash only in the proper receptacles.
  • Entrance & Exit:

    Security personnel at the gate has been authorized by the Management to check thoroughly each and every employee at the time of entrance and exit, and note the timings on attendance sheet, which will be treated as final attendance.
  • Gambling/Use of Liqour & Nicotine is strictly prohibited in the factory premises during and after working hours.
  • Bad Language:

    Employees are advised to avoid horseplay and practical jokes, which can hurt others sentiments during working hours or thereafter within Company premises.
  • Dishonesty:

    Dishonesty by any employee will not be tolerated. Any employee found indulge in dishonoring case, punishment will be at sole discretion of Management of the Company.
  • Accidents:

    All employees are advised to wear practical and safe clothing while working and use all protective equipments & safety devices provided by the Management of the Company to avoid any mishappenings/accidents. However, in case of any injury, respective supervisor is notified immediately and medical aid is provided. As employees are covered under ESI, Management of the Company will help to fill out the necessary forms to receive the benefits, as per the Government Law.

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