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Culture and Values

We firmly believe that Transparency is the key to success and we aim high keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

  • Our employees are our assets and have always been our utmost strength, and that is the main reason that motivates us to manufacture and deliver prime quality cricket equipment.
  • SM grants to its employees the importance of freedom to express and innovate. Hence we have cultivated a workforce culture where our employees are permitted to learn, innovate & experiment new ideas. SM emphasizes a great value on innovation and expects its associates to act and think differently.
  • Among our people the status consciousness is minimal; leadership is the key amongst them. Credibility & accountability is the core
  • Our customers are accorded highest priority, time commitment & effective cost for delivering superior value products, globally.

Everyday we learn something new, make mistakes & again learn from our mistakes. We encourage & empower our people to take risks and learn from them. Access to explore new inventions with the available resources is unrestricted.

Sunil Mahajan & Sons Sporting Pvt. Ltd.