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It is one thing to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth, and it’s quite another to be born with genes of passion, command in sports especially for Cricket Equipment.

Uday Mahajan & Sanyam Mahajan are living examples who in their young days watched the activities of their beloved father Late Sunil Mahajan, alias PINTU, and trying to pass their time playing with woods,canes,leathers,fabrics lying in the factory.

Uday & Sanyam “Young energetic & ambitious youths having done their Bachelors Degree In Business Administration (HR & Marketing) from Sydney, Australia “Macquarie University” & Bachelors Degree In Business Administration from Pune, India “Symbiosis International University” respectively, were grabbed with misfortune amidst their education. Rather than losing confidence, circumstantial incidents strengthened their ambition. Like their father (Late Sunil Mahajan alias PINTU), Uday’s & Sanyam’s determination, inborn adroitness and blessings of their father and under guidance of their mother Mrs. Usha Mahajan enlightened their path to introduce “M/s. Sunil Mahajan & Sons Sporting Pvt. Ltd.” to gear their inner instinct of familial passion since a decade, and to fulfill the last wish of their beloved father, who laid his life and worked till his last breath in reforming cricket equipment with superior value proposition and to ensure ultimate satisfaction to each and every cricket player ranging from beginners to champions.

We at “M/s. Sunil Mahajan & Sons Sporting Pvt. Ltd.” with Brand Name SM introduce a full range of Cricket Equipment, i.e. English Willow (Imported from England) & Kashmir Willow (Nurtured in India) Cricket Bats, all possible high value Protective Equipment & Accessories. As at SM, we believe with determination in manufacturing all possible cricket equipment from beginners to champions and are sincerely dedicated towards regular new invention and innovation to quench the thirst of each and every individual with ultimate perfection.

SM series is extracted from ancestral qualified experience in craftsmanship, exquisitely hand crafted and equipped with the latest technology/automation. We introduce here, SM an excogitated brand quality that brings about complete satisfaction of a true cricketer. SM Cricket equipment, paced for sheer drive & pleasure with a level of distinction that even the competitors would aspire too.

Adorn with a team of experts at all levels, we at “M/s. Sunil Mahajan & Sons Sporting Pvt. Ltd.” know just what is important to the market and have a profound level of experience as well as tremendous product knowledge in achieving this importance. Through ongoing innovation, efficient use & management of company resources and equipment, we aim to deliver the highest possible quality to meet the demand of our buyers as well as to maximize customer satisfaction. The company’s expansion is vital & purely based on specialized and lasting expert support. The company will be benefited from the quality promoters as well as the vast pool of buyer’s experience, extracted from trade, which will be the backbone of the company.

We are confident that SM would be able to provide an unconditional support to ensure complete satisfaction to tradesmen and at grounds to the players.