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World Class Manufacturing

SM believes in delivering consistent exceptional performance, frequently in excess of expectations. Essential characteristic of SM as a World Class organization is "continuously improving its performance."

SM focuses on providing velocity to its product range and offering engineered performance solutions to all cricketers across the globe. A SM bat epitomizes a unique formula of craftsmanship to give a cutting edge to its product range. Leading the way in materials and innovation SM product range encompasses all the features that a cricketer desires. At SM we believe in futuristic look with a cutting edge design.

Principles of SM to be a World Class Manufacturer in CRICKET equipment:

  • Total quality, a culture of intolerance to defects both in the processes and also information.

  • Total preventative maintenance where, whenever practical, at SM preventative maintenance programme is initiated so that unplanned stoppages due to equipment failure are minimized.

  • At SM the focus is primarily on continual improvement in quality, cost, lead-time, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

In all our business operations, we strive to play an integral role in society, sharing its values and working to create new value to help world class cricketers and budding cricketers around the globe have the best experience in using SM cricket equipment. As a member of cricket world society, the management’s philosophy at SM lies in reading the pulse of its customers and maintaining everlasting relationship with them.

SM was founded with the declared purpose of manufacturing World Class Cricket Equipment that would garner recognition in the Indian & overseas market. The impetus for this drive was a deep sense of duty through the domestic manufacture of SM cricket equipment. Since then, SM confirmed its position as a world class Cricket equipment manufacturer and developed its exclusive and high-class product range. Following this achievement, SM made a number of dreams come true to reach its Suppliers & Customers.

"Customer’s Vision, Our Mission" embodies our determination to realize dreams in a close bond while coexisting in harmony. Based on this, SM is pursuing innovation in order to become a company where customers and employees, are proud of the excogitated brand quality.