Making History

The making > quality.


All SM cricket equipment range passes through stringent quality testing procedures. For instance, the wooden clefts go through rigorous quality inspection to set different quality grades as per the ICC standards.

SM is continuously defying all boundaries that come its way to meet the changing trends and preferences. It is the combination of high quality standards and superior craftsmanship that has made SM a revolutionary brand that has taken the art of bat making to new heights. Our comprehensive range of hand crafted bat and protective equipment motivates us to deliver high value proposition.

At SM we believe in delivering Value without compromising. Therefore, our utmost interest lies in best quality without any sacrifice.

Our Motto for quality "Quality first, Profits secondary"

At SM we are proud of our craftsmanship of cricket equipment and we are carefully dedicated to carefully nurture each English willow cleft, Kashmir willow cleft. All SM clefts are carefully "air-dried" to ensure perfect moisture management. All clefts go through a test by moisture-controlled devices to ensure lightweight and smooth performance.

In addition, the PU, leather & miscellaneous fabrics used in protective equipment are consistently checked for stretch ability, elasticity, thickness or any no marks. All quality measures are monitored by a team of production officers who are fully equipped with the best of knowledge and possess vast experience in their areas of operation.

Choosing a Genuine SM product

Please ensure to look for the following to check the authenticity of any SM product


So, now you know what to look for to make an authentic purchase